Running – Five states ; Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, and Washington.

Managed to go for a run in five states this summer, hoping for a sixth, tying last summer. Ran, of course in my hometown, St. Louis. Also Chicago, Door County Wisconsin, Houston Texas, as Seattle. I'll try to get my routes posted soon.

Had some really great runs. I think the biggest surprise was Chicago; through Millennium park, then into the beautiful Margaret Daley park replete with tall grass and native purple coneflower, reminiscent of the midwestern prairie. Crossing Lake Shore Boulevard is like entering a completely different environment; with the ocean like Lake Michigan off to the right, the sail boats and yacht club, along to Navy Pier. Finally running in the urban alleyway of the Chicago river, all with Chicago's great architectural backdrop. An easy route to forget oneself.

Seattle is blessed with the Burke Gilman trail, an old rails to trails project passing through the Northern neighborhoods of Seattle, along side the University of Washington. I followed the trail past the University, to Lake Union and Downtown (covered in a previous post). Later in the week I took the trail North and ran some intervals. Intervals are complicated on the Burke Gilman, the cross streets need to be carefully timed. The trees provided a nice canopy on an unusually hot and smoky Seattle day.

We made our annual sojourn to Wisconsin's Door County. Door occupies a spit of land around ten miles across jutting into Lake Michigan. The county got it's name from French traders navigating the treacherous sea lanes, the northern most part of the peninsula was named Death's Door. The waters cover a very large number of 18th century ship wrecks. Most of the towns are along the quieter waters of west side, along Green Bay. The rockier eastern side makes for beautiful solitary runs and walks on the beach. My favorite is along whitefish bay, up into Whitefish State Park. Easy trails to either run intervals or distance. Caution: wear mosquito replant.

Houston reminded me of home. Hot and humid, ran in the early morning along the broad empty streets. Was happy to just get a few miles in.

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